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AFT Local 1828 - How to Obtain and Submit Your ARFs

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How to Obtain and Submit your ARFs

Instructions for Retrieving & Submitting Assignment Request Forms (ARFs)

You must submit Assignment Request Forms (ARFs) for part-time, overload, and summer-school assignments by the deadline or you may not get an assignment. If you miss the deadline, faculty who are lower on the priority/longevity list who turned in their ARFs on time will be assigned before you.

There are three ways to submit an ARF. Please choose one method:

Method 1: Via the District Portal
How to access the Assignment Request Form via the District Portal

1.Type the internet address (URL): and login to the district portal.

2.When you arrive at the district portal, select the "Faculty" tab.

3.Under "Faculty Self Service" select "Submit ARF Requests."

4.Under the "Available Forms & Surveys" heading, select the VCCCD Assignment Request Form for the appropriate semester. The blank form will then appear.

How to fill-in and submit the ARF online
1.Select one college location: click in one of the circles (this is a required entry.)

2.Select one discipline from the drop-down list.

3.Type the assignments you are currently working, with the hours per week for each. (These are free-text fields, so you may type up to 75 characters.)

4.Load Level: Click in one of the circles to increase, maintain or reduce your assignments/hours. (This is a required entry.)

5.Fill in the Course Number and Course Title, or any other class in my discipline" as your last choice, if indeed you are willing to teach any class in your discipline if your first choices are unavailable. (These are free-text fields, so you may type up to 75 characters.)

6.Preferred Times: Using the drop-down list for each work hour and day, select when you are available (A) to work and when you prefer (P) to work. If you are not available during certain times/days, leave the field blank (i.e., with the "-" in it.)

7.Once you have completed the ARF, click the "Submit ARF" button at the bottom of the form. Your completed form will be electronically date-stamped and will: 1) go to the District Human Resources Department; and 2)remain in your log-in under the Completed Forms & Surveys heading. (Please note that electronic submission does not require your signature.)

Method 2: As an email attachment
1.How to Access the Assignment Request Form Online

2.URL: (login using your VCCCD email User ID and Password.)

3.When you arrive at the District portal, click the HR Tools icon (red tool box in row of icons).

4.ARF forms will be under "Category: 040 Part-Time Assignments."

How to Submit the Assignment Request Form (ARF)
1.Enter your employee ID number in the identified field. (Your employee ID number may be found aqt the top of your paycheck next to your name under the heading "SSN.")

2.Complete the ARF form thoroughly.

3.Save the ARF form to your computer as "Your name" followed by "ARFS16" for Spring 2016.

4.Complete, save and submit ARF form electronically as an email attachment to: Please note that electronic submission does not require your signature. Return receipt of this email will serve as proof of submission.

Method 3: By regular mail as a hard copy

* Complete, print and mail the form to the Human Resources Department, Ventura County Community College District, 255 West Stanley Avenue, Suite 150, Ventura, California 93001; or,

* Hand-deliver a hard copy of your ARF to the Human Resources Department. HR will provide a "date stamped" copy for your records. Please note that ARFs will not be accepted at the colleges.


ARFs for the following year are posted to the VCCCD Portal during the second week of the fall and spring semesters. ARFs for summer assignments are posted during the second week of the fall semester for the following year. They are due to the Human Resources Department by the sixth week of the semester.

If you need assistance with any step of this process, please call the Human Resources Department at (805) 652-5519 or contact the AFT office at (805) 987-1188 or