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Membership Benefits

National AFT Member Benefits

Affiliation with AFT and AFL-CIO

AFT: Over one million members throughout the nation supporting effective public and private school education and the best working conditions for all members
AFL-CIO: 15 million members and their families in the American labor movement providing strength and solidarity to achieve common goals
• AFT's $1 million occupational liability insurance
• Provides security while performing your job
• Protects members in the event of a suit by a parent due to a child's injury
• Malpractice protection

AFT Plus discount services

MasterCard: no annual fee, skip-payment privileges during a strike
Low-cost group insurance plans: term life, hospital income, disability income (short and long term), accidental death, catastrophe, Care Plus (retirees)
Home mortgage: competitive rates, low down payments
Education loans: affordable education loans from Sallie Mae
Prescription drugs: discounts and free delivery
Legal: free 30-minute consultation with a union- friendly attorney, reduced rate personal legal service
Loans: low-interest personal loans ($2,500 to $15,000)
Dental and Vision: average of 20% - 50% savings
Magazines: the very lowest prices on magazine subscriptions
Theme Parks: discount packages available online
Flowers: 15% discount for orders of $30 or more
Educational tours: international travel for educators and students

Plus lots more benefits for AFT members

Subscriptions to AFT union publications

• American Teacher
• On Campus
• American Educator
• PSRP Reporter (Paraprofessional and School-Related Personnel)
• CFT Member Benefits

Subscriptions to union publications

• California Teacher
• Community College Perspective
• Community College Part-Timer
• UC-AFT Perspective

Low-cost group insurance plans
• Homeowner, condominium, and renter's insurance
• Auto, motorcycle, and boat insurance

Retirement planning services
• Tax-sheltered annuities

CFT-endorsed programs

NEW! United Estate Planning, Inc
CFT Auto and Homeowners Insurance Program
CFT-endorsed Matadors Community Credit Union
CFT-endorsed Mosher Financial Services