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AFT Local 1828 - Mission Statement

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Mission Statement

The Ventura County Federation of College Teachers, AFT Local 1828 is an organization that works to advance the interests of faculty of the Ventura County Community College District


● To maintain and improve compensation and working conditions

● To represent faculty

● To advocate for faculty

● To empower faculty

● To foster solidarity among faculty and with others who support our mission

● By accomplishing these goals we will enhance the learning conditions of students


1. Effective Negotiations

● Maintain and improve compensation

● Protect benefits

● Achieve equity between full-time and part-time faculty

● Protect assignment rights

2. Create a two-way District-wide communication network that involves stewards or other union representatives at each campus

3. Develop solidarity among members

● Create pride in membership

● Develop a sense of history

● Convince faculty to support negotiation efforts of the union

4. Create a grievance system

5. Get a friendlier district board of trustees

6. Recruit and retain union members

7. Create training that empowers our members

● Train faculty activists

8. Community outreach and solidarity

● Elect a community college friendly governor

● Work with the Central Labor Council (CLC)

● Work with the American Federation of Teachers (AFT) and the California Federation of Teachers (CFT)

● Develop relationships with community leaders and groups